INSILICO Roleplaying System

Welcome to the INSILICO Roleplaying System. Before we get started with an overview, here are some quick links:

What is the INSILICO Roleplaying System?

The main entries with sticky threads in can be found at the main INSILICO site.

The INSILICO Roleplay System is a set of table-top style mechanics designed to supplement interactions between players. Its use is voluntary, and as such is not enforced in general roleplay, though it is strongly recommended. Players should agree to its usage before engaging. Similarly, events that will utilize it should make those details known. Staff do not maintain an automated database of character statistics and are constantly bug testing to ensure fairness. All players are expected to abide by the honor system.

The RP System is continually being developed by Stark Osterham. Special considerations or permissions for other usage should be directed to Stark.

How does the HUD fit into this?

The I1 HUD is available in-game and allows automation of a large part of the INSILICO Roleplaying System, as well as tracking credits, prestige and other currencies that are part of the INSILICO world. Avatars can maintain a number of 'alt' characters with the HUD. It also provides facilities for people who engage in live combat, and elements of the character sheet influence the live combat side.